Sunday, September 25, 2011

Khloe and the Louboutin Piercing Satchel

Hello darlings! I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately, I started work 2 weeks ago and it's exhausting. Anyway, on my poll last week I asked you who is your favorite Kardashian or Jenner. Most of you voted for Khloe and I was happily surprised as she is one of my favorites too. I love how she mixes 'n' matches trends and I also think that she looks beautiful lately, mainly because of her new (and ombre) hair. These days she is with her sisters in New York promoting themselves- ugh sorry I mean filming their reality show, selling their clothes, jewelry, diet supplements, etc. She can be seen strolling the city wearing an amazing Christian Louboutin handbag, the black studded Piercing Satchel. Take a look at the bag and fall in love!

THE bag

So what do you guys think about the bag? Love it as much as I do?
xoxo Elina


Sandra said...

That bag looks really nice!

Despina said...

yes i think i love it as much as you!great bag,so rock style ;)

Madeline said...

It's a really nice bag and I like how she decides to pair it to each of these outfits. Nice post! :)

*Cappuccino and Fashion*

Nini said...

I think the bag is great! But I would wear it not with rocky clothes, maybe it's a bit too much then, I would wear it with femini thinks to get a great style mix... Thanks for your nice comment XX Nini

james said...

oh yes that bag is killer!


Teresa said...

i love them 3, cause every single one has her unique style.. Khloe is awesome!! i'm a fan of that bag too!!!! i combines with anything and looks so comfortable.. PLUS is a Louboutin bag!


Unknown said...


<3 Marina

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