Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Celebrity Crushes

As you probably know already, I am obsessed with celebrities. I log in daily to my favorite sites such as Perez Hilton, Celebrity-Gossip and Socialite Life (to name a few) and read all about my favorite Hollywood stars. It's my pleasant break in my busy schedule and I really enjoy it. Naturally over the years I had a few celebrity crushes, so here are my fave male celebs for the time being!

That's one of my fave posters. I guess it applies to almost everyone, definitely to me.

Justin Timberlake - i know he's not "pretty" but i could easily fall for him

Jake Gyllenhaal

Mr 5% body fat, Ryan Reynolds

Adam Levine, frontman of Maroon 5

My fave nowadays Alexander Skarsgard (as the 4th season of True Blood is about to start)

James Marsden

Vampire Diaries' Damon, aka Ian Somerhalder

Ian Harding or may I say Mr Fitz from PLL

Brian Austin Green, whom I had the chance to see in person and I have to say that he is way too hot

MYV's Brody Jenner ("The Hills", "Bromance")

90210's Trevor Donovan or as we call him Barbie's Ken

Johannes Huebl, who is a model and Olivia Palermo's boyfriend

So, who is your favorite male celeb? Do you have celebrity crushes too? Thank you for reading!
xoxo Elina


Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Thank you so much for you comment!!!! Love your blog, I follow you, Hope you'll do the same!!!
Come back soon to my blog I'll be waitin for you!!!


21SaraLoves said...

Ahhhh I have the biggest celeb crush on Ian Somerhalder.

Love Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds also!


Ashley said...

Thanks for the blog post! made me want to drool!! When I was like 13ish I had entire wall decaided to chad michael murry. I still get a little flutter when I see his picture. I remember I was so upset when he got married. haha

Lauren said...

mmm I love Ian Somerhalder! When I watch my TVD dvds I start imagining sometimes that I actually know him or something because I watch all the episodes over a short period of time. Not weird or creepy at all right?

I used to be really into Lost, which sparked the Ian Somerhalder obsession, but I also used to love Dominic Monaghan which is I guess my less mainstream celebrity crush!

Anonymous said...

Beatiful men


Rack and Sack said...

Hi! So apparently we have very similar taste. Either I've a)had a serious teen crush on these boys, or b)find them very attractive. Good taste! :p. Found ya on insidelookatkcn, hope you follow back love :)


Teresa said...

mine is Hayden Christensen.. oh God!!! he's perfection, i love Timberlake & Reynolds from this list! gorgeous & stylish men all of them <3


thisladybehaves said...

you have some gorgeous men here!!!! oooohhhhh i need a fan!!! HEHEHEHE
thanks love for the support!!! kisses


Mimi said...

They are all hot, and that poster is AMAZING! I have never seen it before:)

Aesthetic Lounge

Ebony Styles said...


sorelle in style said...

Adam Levine and Ryan Reynolds (the reason I'll see the Green Lantern)! <3 Love! :)

sorelle in style

Unknown said...

Ooooh thumbs way up on this post! You have some great taste. Love JT, Ryan Reynolds, and James Marsden I melt...

Cucu said...

Love the styles of Brody and Johannes! Absolutely different but I like it. ;)


lucreziagermini said...

oh my god, the olivia's boyfriend is....... *_*

do you wanna follow each other?!
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Unknown said...

WOW...You got great taste in man doll..I absolutely love every single one of these guys..They're absolutely gorgeous.

Following you now doll and feel free to follow back! ;-)

<3 Marina

MaryElizabeth said...

Hello! I love your blog! You post awesome pictures and write amazing posts! I would like to award you with the Best Blog Award for your hard work and passion for fashion! Check out my blog for more details. :)

Evil Nelly said...

Alexander Skarsgard is miiiine! lol
*sighs at the awesomeness that is A.S*

following u now!


Evil Nelly said...

just noticed the 'Please click on Ads ;)'.. lol!!

am doing just that!


now its ur turn ;)

Torrie said...

I have never see that picture of Adam Levine before and it has officially just made my day. GORGEOUS! Such a great eye candy post :)

Unknown said...

Just Came Across Your Blog And It's Really Good! Great Post xx

Unknown said...

hello, great men selection,,,perfect bodies

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caramellitsa said...

το ιστλογιο σου ειναι τελειο μολις σε βρηκα κ εγινα αναγνωστρια!!θα συμφωνησω απολυτα για τον R.REYNOLDS που ειναι τοοσο ωραιος!!! χιχι
υπαρχουν πολλοι ωραιοι εκει εξω πολυ καλη επιλογη εκανες!
αν θελεις ριξε μια ματια κ στο δικο μου blog
θα χαρω να μαθω τη γνωμη σου!



james said...

awesome post! lol! loving your blog dear! i am your newest follower! muah! hope your weekend is going well!

Louisa said...

great post! we like pretty much the same guys! Ryan Reynolds is my fave though, so hot!!!
love your blog, definitely following

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