Friday, May 27, 2011

Marissa Cooper's Unforgettable Style

Marissa Cooper was a fictional character and leading lady on the show "The O.C." played by actress Mischa Barton. Marissa was a teenage girl, very rich, fabulous and popular but yet a very troubled one. It's been 4 years that the show is over, but every summer i can't help but watch it and fall in love with the characters, the story, the place - Newport (with the beaches, pier and lifeguard houses) as well as Marissa' s style. It's actually the perfect beach-y style. She wore many summer dresses and skirts, blouses and tops, cardigans, hoodies and her signature Chanel bags and necklaces. Her style is so fresh, that i could really see myself wearing almost all her clothes today (4 years later). Ugh, I think i'm going to watch a couple of episodes tonight.. Enjoy!





xoxo Elina
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