Saturday, May 28, 2011

Christian Louboutin "Maggie" Pumps

Everyone knows that when it comes to shoes, Christian Louboutin is the favorite (or at least one of the favorites) shoe designer of all celebrities. Lately Louboutin's "Maggie" pumps seem to be everyone's favorite shoe. They are suede two-toned platform pumps with a gold-toned toe cap and are available in two main colors; tobacco/black and lilac/navy as well as in pumice.

"Maggie" Pumps

Khloe Kardashian and Victoria Beckham (at a Lakers game) were the first to wear the shoes

Tyra Banks, Kate Beckinsale

Ciara, Keri Hilson

Cassie, Olivia Munn

Heidi Klum, Christina Aguilera

Beyonce, Kate Bosworth

Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera wearing the pumps in pumice
xoxo Elina
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