Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nicky Hilton's Fashion Tips

If you ever want to dress like a Hilton, you just have to follow these 10 essential style rules:
1. Always have a black pump in your closet.
2. Don't buy every "it bag". They go out of style fast. Invest in a classic.
3. Wear your jewelry during the day. It's ALWAYS ok to wear diamonds.
4. Buy a great coat every season. It doesn't matter what you're wearing underneath if you have a fabulous coat.
5. Wear color. It gets you noticed.
6. Always have manicured nails.
7. Accessorize with colorful or printed scarves. They can really dress up an outfit.
8. If you 're short avoid ankle straps on shoes. They cut your leg off and make your legs look short.
9. Buy vintage. You know you 're not going to bump into anyone wearing the same thing.
10. Buy a great pair of boots. Knee-high, ankle... whatever.
xoxo Elina

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